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About picture

Atsushi Fukuroku

福録 篤志

Atsushi Fukuroku(1996, Chiba,Japan) is an upcoming guitar player in today's  jazz scene.

He started playing blues as a teenager, and soon his focus switched to Jazz.

At the age of 18, he started performing at jazz venues in and around Tokyo.

In 2018, Atsushi shared the stage with Benny Benack III and Ulysiss Owens Jr. at Tokyo Jazz.

In 2019 he moved to Amsterdam to study Jazz guitar at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, studying among others with Jesse van Ruller , Peter Bernstein, Martijn van Iterson and Reinier Baas.

He is currently working on a new release with original compositions.

He is also active as a teacher.

1996年生まれ 千葉県出身

15歳でギターを始め、上智大学入学後、同大学のビッグバンド・ジャズ研究会に所属 在学中にプロ活動を開始

2018年東京JAZZに出演、Benny Benack IIIやUlysses Owens Jrらと共演


これまでに、Peter Bernstein、Jesse van Ruller、Martijn van Iterson、Reinier Baas、Ben van Gelderらに師事